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Those who Howl at the Moon with Remus Lupin
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This is a community for the love and appreciation for Remus Lupin, the ex-professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. Fics, iconage, info, thoughts, etc are all welcome here. Any contributions, really. Keep it coming!

Rules: (even the Marauders can follow these!)

1. There is NO such thing as a stupid post. If you want to post a question, a thought, a fic, or anything, go right ahead. The maintainer of this community once crossed Harry PotterxWinnie the Pooh, she'd be loth to discriminate you as well.

2. There is no such thing as a stupid post but there IS a MEAN post. NO MEAN POSTS. We're one big family here, let's not be mean. We have mosh pits for that.

3. Community promotion. You can, as long as it's not the sole point of you post. If you post regularly, and are an active member of the community, then fine, go ahead. But if you're new, don't just say, "Hey, I'm new, join my community." Also, it must relate to Remus Lupin in SOME way. It can relate to other characters as well (e.g. = Remus/another-character comm.) just as long as Remus is involved. It'd be weird praising Umbridge and only Umbridge in a Remus Lupin community. REALLY weird.

4. Have fun. Please. It's good for you, like calcium except not.

Maintainer= caudebac